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James T. Smith, Principal


Internet and Website Development

Mr. Smith’s  Interent and website development efforts have ranged from planning and oversight for internal and corporate programs, to the end-to-end planning, development, and  maintenance of standalone websites for small organzations (e.g., religious organizations).

At GTE, he worked closely with the GTE’s IT organization in the planning, development and rollout of  web-based implementations of internal systems and services.  Some efforts involved the encapsulation of existing systems behind web-based front-ends; while, others involved major redesign efforts.  GTE’s highly successful Superpages—the Internet online incarnation of its directory services is an example of customer-facing efforts.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) has become a major source of convergence for Internet and telephony based services.  At GTE, Mr. Smith oversaw several efforts to prototype advanced services in this area—beginning with his oversight of a Unified Communications prototype and demonstration at the Telecom ‘95 (the premiere telecom tradeshow held for three weeks in Geneva, Switzerland every four years).  He also participated in various VoIP-related ‘plugfests’ where interoperability testing of infrastructures and services took place.

More recently, his efforts have been directed toward development of infrastructures and services built upon the now emerging (commercial deployment) of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Most recently, his efforts have been focused on the delivery of services and support to the first responder community via sophisticated Smartphone services — developed for Sprint handsets, using the Eclipse-based embedded Java development environment.

He has developed and continues to maintain standalone websites for religious organizations.  This website development has involved the NetObjects Fusion development package.


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