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James T. Smith, Principal

Critical 1 Consulting, Inc.


Mr. Smith’s extensive systems and software development experience (leveraging his applied mathematics and computer science training) includes most major programming languages: C/C++, Fortran, ADA, Lisp, Smalltalk, Java, as well as several proprietary environments and design tools (e.g., NetObjects Fusion for website development), deployed on a plethora of platforms—ranging from Cray supercomputers, to massively parallel array processors, to real-time embedded platforms, and Lisp machines, as well as the Unix workstations and servers, PC’s, Macintoshes, and handheld devices such as Smartphones.

His greatest strength in the area of software and systems development has been his problem solving skill—namely, his ability to select, adapt, and design  the best approach, algorithms, etc. to solve a problem in a highly efficient yet extensible reusable manner, yet optimized to the available resources.

Numeric and Scientific Computing

Much of his software and systems development at GTRI, Lockheed, and Unisys had a high level of numeric and scientific computing content, and so directly benefited from his numerical analysis expertise.  Some methods he proposed and solutions he developed were fundamentally (mathematically provable) orders-of-magnitude more efficient than those that previously had been developed. Examples:

Symbolic (Artificial Intelligence) and Net-Centric Computing

He also has developed solutions to other problems that required new computational models, new data structures, better search and ordering algorithms, and new object-theoretic methods to develop tight, efficient—yet readily extensible and adaptable—implementations.

Involvement with this class of abstract problem-solving development—symbolic versus numerical computing—began with the distributed-AI that characterized the Pilot’s Associate at Lockheed, and led to other distributed AI-based development efforts at Unisys, Contel, and GTE. Examples.

Internet and Website Development

His Interent and website development efforts have ranged from planning and oversight for internal and corporate programs, to the end-to-end planning, development, and  maintenance of standalone websites for small organzations (e.g., religious organizations). Examples.

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