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Critical 1 Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing the best in customer service. Critical 1 offers professional and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Be sure to read through our customer testimonials.

"James and I worked together at GTE (now part of Verizon) where I served in various roles having to do with the profitable application of new technology in an effort to improve and advance the communication services offered while adding to the firm’s profitability. Perhaps our most noteworthy collaboration was in the video on demand field while I was serving as Chief Architect for GTE’s Video Services Group where we collaborated to demonstrate how a new network architecture based on a hybridization of traditional infrastructure elements could help make feasible the offering of an array video services over a new generation telecom network. This work became the foundation of the “triple play” services now offered by telcos and CATV firms around the country."

"In the video effort as well as numerous other technology deployment initiatives, James repeatedly demonstrated not only a broad knowledge of communications technologies and operations, but also an insight into both the opportunities offered. He repeatedly showed a quick awareness of the hurdles to be cleared in order to capitalize on those technology developments. His professional opinion became a recognized resource that many others sought out in support of their own work. Since my retirement from GTE, we have continued to have sometimes provocative discussions and collaborations as we continue to seek ways to capitalize on rapidly emerging transformations in the communications industry."

"I thoroughly benefited from working with James in our years together at GTE and offer my strongest endorsement for his engagement in efforts that would exceed the grasp of the average technology worker."

    Phil Feigel, GTE Director of Corporate Planning, retired.
       Principal, Vision21 Consulting

“James is a Renaissance Man. He has technical, communication and business strategy skills. He is always on the edge of what is emerging in high-tech, nano, games for learning, M2M, intelligent sensor networks. Writer, visionary, evangelist”

    – Jim Brazell of VentureAMP, Inc. was James' client

"While at ISR, James demonstrated an extraordinary breadth and depth in communications and information systems that enabled ISR to successfully service several major contracts involving a diversity of areas, including major broadband deployments, the Global Information Grid (GIG), machine-to-machine (M2M) designs, service oriented architectures (SOA), and verification and validation (V&V) of real- time adaptive systems with embedded online neural networks (OLNN). He continually expands his exerience and knowledge as he finds new out-of-the-box approaches to the customers problems."

    Mike Lindsey, Dir. of National Security Programs, Institute for Scientific Research, Inc.

“I recommend James highly for both his technical capabilities and his work ethic. Both of these attributes served him well at ISR and enabled the company to win projects that would have been impossible without him. His deep knowledge and visionary insight into all levels of telecom, particularly the DOD Global Information Grid, were invaluable on multiple projects.”

    – David Ramsburg, Program Manager, Institute for Scientific Research, Inc.

“James is the most knowledgeable consultant that I have ever worked with in the field of advanced telecommunications hardware and software. With his breadth of insight into cutting edge technology and research, he can quickly define a roadmap for practically any telecommunications application from state-of-the-art technology through to highly integrated and intelligent future concepts. James is keenly aware of who is the customer but has the confidence and integrity to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. I will hire James again when I have a need for a visionary architect who can both define technology roadmaps to support business planning and develop real-world hardware and software demonstrations to make turn research into reality.”

    – Carey R. Butler, PE, Program Manager, Institute for Scientific Research, Inc.

"I worked with James on a number of projects when we worked for different groups at GTE Telephone Operations. James is an often brilliant and always decent human being willing to share his knowledge and experience with others."

    – Todd Ogaswara, Advanced Technology Engineer at GTE (Verizon)


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